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Mia'Mor Coming Soon


Who am I?

Hello I am a young woman with many dreams. My name is Mia.  Ever since a little girl I knew I would write a book. The question that I would constantly ask myself is what would I write about? In high school I needed an emotional outlet so poetry became the greatest friend I have ever known. I love poetry all together but hearing poems from my people is what makes me feel the poem that much more.  Poetry is filled with creativity, illusion and fantasy. Poetry is a way of living

Poetry is nothing but emotion and the honest truth. For me, Poetry is my life line and without it I don’t know who I would be other than what God has predestined me to be. When I sit down and get to write on paper, I get lost and forget that I ever needed someone to talk to.  By the time senior year came in high school I knew I wanted to be a poet and that I was going to work hard to be great. This is Only the beginning and I thank God, that He has allowed me to have a beautiful translation of words that will reach into one’s soul. I don’t talk much about myself but I make sure it’s a piece of me in every writing in some form whether the story is about me or just rotating around an idea.

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