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H.D. Campbell

H.D. Campbell has been writing all of his life and has over thirty years of experience in the writing industry with his first book, How To Lose A Black Woman (second printing published in 2018) and his book took off from there.


In addition to starting this Paranormal Romance series, H.D. Campbell has three more series under his belt: Contemporary Romance titles including How To Lose A Black Woman (currently on sale) and Geraldine (second printing coming soon); Mystery/Suspense including Late Murder @ 10 (currently on sale) and Garth The Virtual Killer (third printing coming soon); Espionage Thriller including The Sergeant Wiseguy Chronicles (second printing coming soon) and The War-Hawk/Biological Threat (second printing coming soon).

How To Lose A Black Woman



Bruce Williams feels truly blessed. He is a college educated young man with a career he loves. He has amazing friends and looking from the outside, has a perfect life. Asking Bruce, he’ll say he was incomplete without a special woman in his life to love and spend his life with. After a few failed attempts the traditional way, he starts using Social Media and dating sites to find his true love.

Late Murder @ 10



Mark Alexander, an ex-investigative reporter (turned broadcast engineer for a St. Louis television station) witnesses the on-air murder of a hated news anchor by a mysterious assassin. When evidence points to the co-anchor Laura Skaggs and her survivalist fiancee, they are soon arrested for the crime. Convinced of her innocence, Mark Alexander employs his old investigative reporter tactics and launches his own investigation. He elects the help of his own partner, Laquita Davners, from the St. Louis Post to help. They find the anchor had personal problems both within and and outside (including both inside and outside the station (including mob ties) As Mark Alexander gets closer, the truth gets closer, and the more dangerous things become.




How far would you go to fight for your loyal man? Delon Jefferson recently had to answer that question first hand. After growing up and away from a broken home she meets a young Eddie Jefferson in college. Eddie, an NFL hopeful and the first man to genuinely fall for Delon shows her through his actions that he’s not the stereotypical cheating, not so bright athlete.

He wins Delon over and the two marries right out of college and straight into the NFL. Fast forward years later, Eddie retires and buys a house with a secret from a realtor who has eyes for Eddie and not caring how Delon feels about it. After closing on the couple’s new house, the realtor, Sherry Sperry has a secret that will not only try to turn Eddie’s head but will have Delon literally going through Hell to get him back. When the last straw from Sherry put Delon in a coma,

Delon and her friends must find a way to save Eddie’s heart. With God on her side, Delon also must deploy unconventional means to literally defy the woman trying to turn her man. How can a loyal man be turned? Would you fight for your loyal man?Whatever your answers, read this book and follow Delon’s journey.

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