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This Fall: The Long Awaited Sequel To Hidden Desires Will Finally Be Revealed!

C. Luv

Charmaine A Moon a native of Beuafort SC was born on October 31,1973.
She is a wife of 24 years, mother of 6 and grandmother of one(for now). She has always had a love of reading books, even thought of writing years ago but didn’t have the courage to do so until a few years ago. She is inspired to write on many levels rather it’s love, romance, fiction, science fiction or even childrens' books get ready to experience the new level as she accomplishes that which WAS stored up and is now free. I am Charmaine A Moon.


Hidden Desires

New Front Copy Hidden Desires.jpg

Price $9.00

Everyone sees and falls in love in a different way. The way you see or feel love may not be seen or felt the same way as the person next to you. As for Shala, Phil, Chelle and
some of their friends, love is seen and felt in many different angles, ways and DEFINITELY positions. This love triangle has a way of taking your mind from one level
to the next.


Be prepared to take this journey with them, some of you may feel it and others… hey you may not. But I welcome you to express your love in your language.

Follow this group of people on their journey to showing you how far love will take you and how much you can really fall and not ever want to get up. It’s an amazing experience.

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