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Weekly Gripe: Understanding Differences

We live in a world in which differences are just as toxic as the similarities being defended.

Today, a favorite celebrity's choice or a political stance inspires all kinds of opinions. Unfortunately, it's hard to tell whether it's gossip or "fake news". Talking heads and opinion pieces speculating what's in the celebrity and journalist's mind continues to further others' opinions.

Whether it's the truth or speculation, we choose sides depending on either our knowledge of the situation, the love of the celebrity or both. When it's an African-American celebrity, we do want them to succeed but hate when they fail. There are others who while they don't want the celebrity to fail, they feel that the celebrity may do things to themselves to participate in their own downfall. Either way, that celebrity or politician does spark our interest.

It's okay to give our opinions and even differ in opinions. However whether wrong, right or indifferent, it's no reason to end friendships, insult each other or commit acts of violence over it. We have become a society of people who want to be right instead of a curious society that loves to learn something new each day. The video will explain my feelings on the situation.

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