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It's The Author's Corner...Corner

This Season Premiere Episode Features Blogger/Promoter & Upcoming Hard Drive Author Katara Johnson. Then we'll talk to Author/Entrepreneur Marie Antionette. Then, it's H.D.'s Two Cents.

Marie Antionette


"I founded Cauzing Elevation in March 2007 with one goal. To provide multi-genre, thought provoking reads to readers, and assist aspiring writers with bringing their works to life. I pen each book with the same enthusiasm as my first, and give each client the same dedication to their work as I do my own. Cauzing Elevation isn't just a name, it's a "Mindset". 

If I'm not Cauzing Elevation I won't even bother."   

The "Mindset" behind Cauzing Elevation is to encourage reading with all, but especially with the young who look like me. One of the biggest inspirations to read is to pick up a book written by someone who not only looks like you, but who can write in a matter that you can relate to and receive. 

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Nyree Banks

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Nyree Banks is no stranger to the literary world. Many are acquainted with her works under the pen name Jahzara Bradley. With her latest works, Typical Hood Story, Nyree collaborates with ex soul mate, Ivan Marrick to compile a book of two short stories. Nyree and Ivan caution readers that their work has strong language and adult content. Nyee did not grow up in the hood but she has seen a lot during her lifetime and writes about it in Typical Hood Story.


 Nyree loves to write and refuses to get painted into a box when it comes to genres. Her writing spans from educational research, curriculum, to inspirational and urban fiction. She prefers that readers order her books from so that she can personally sign each copy. Additionally, readers are able to obtain her signature Massage Candles with some book orders.



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