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Weekly Gripe #2: Superman's Sexuality Vs. What You Don't Know About What's Being Reported!

The Reason I Have To Explains This Shows Some Of You Need A Life...(Some meaning those who are having more of a fit about it than they should!)

A few weeks ago, I had a conversation with someone (who doesn't understand the world of comic books) who had a problem with Batman's sidekick Robin coming out as bisexual and I tried to explain to him that he would possibly never see it on television, he'd never hear about it again because it's only in the comics.

He replied to the effect that he doesn't want to see that in his cartoons. I'll get into that later but first to the main subject of this article. Superman coming out as bisexual as well. First, let's start with the medium they're in. We're talking about comic books, not cartoons. Yes comic books and cartoons are one in the same by definition but a majority of folks think we're talking motion cartoons you see on television which is totally false.

First off, the "Robin" that comes out is NOT Dick Grayson, the sidekick you're used to knowing. Remember, writer Marv Wolfman (Tales of the Teen Titans) gave him a new identity as Nightwing. No, this Robin is his third sidekick and he came out in the pages of a comic book, an anthology series, titled Batman: Urban Legends in August. The pages of a comic book. When was the last time you read a comic book? I'll wait. A long time? Then, I'll move on.

Following Social Media, folks opinions (including Boosie which is a different blog for a different day) many of you believe the same for Superman coming out. Here are a few facts. Number one, many of you think it's Clark Kent which proves you don't read comic books which have their own storylines. Many big stories were adapted into the many DC and Marvel TV shows and movies. Now for the truth.

First, It's not Clark Kent. Clark Kent and Lois has a son named Jonathan Kent who grew up with the same superpowers. Clark has passed on the reigns of Superman to his son Jonathan so Jonathan is also Superman. Jonathan is the one who came out at bisexual. He came out in issue #5 of Superman: Son of Kal El. In the issue Jonathan falls for a young reporter. These headlines are even the major storylines of the issues but when the media talks about major changes in characters, they're talking about the pages of a comic book.

Now, my opinion to the facts.

Comic book superhero characters coming out isn't new. In 1992, my first instance came when mutant Northstar came out in Alpha Flight #106 and unless you read X-Men comics at the time, you wouldn't have even know. In fact Northstar and his fiance was married in the pages of an X-Men comic (2012's Astonishing X-Men #51). This is not an uncommon thing given that minus the superhero/supervillian conflicts, comic book storylines take place in the timelines of real events since World War II. This is no exception.

Many Heroes and Villains Have Come Out Over The Years Include:

  • Wonder Woman (Bi but may have always been according to the creators.)

  • Batwoman

  • John Constantine (Bi, yes, even when Keanu Reeves played the character whether he knew it or not)

  • Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy

  • Iceman

  • Wiccan (Scarlet Witch's son)

  • Loki (Bi)

  • Mystique

  • Kitty Pryde

Those past and present hasn't affected your love for these characters nor have any of these characters (with the exception of Batwoman & John Constantine) have shown their sexuality on of television and never on any animated series under a PG-13 rating). I'm really not understanding where the outrage is from because I'm also betting you two have never seen these characters anywhere unless you were actually looking for them. Also even on television, you see nothing more than a kiss among the couples.

Why this is a gripe is the fact that we tend to get upset about things without knowing the facts. First off, a majority of you don't read comic books so you're okay. Second, some of you gripe about situations you control. If there are images you want to keep away from your kids, you can control. We as parents act like we don't control the internet, the cable bill, the social media or the streaming services. To worry about images is for you to worry about yourself. Maybe if we talked to our kids about images, then you don't have to worry.

Now comes my bonus gripe. Once again, we're worried about another person's lifestyle. You don't have to agree with how another person lives but you waste your time worried about people who don't affect you. How is that affecting your house or your bills. I'm talking about personally. You wake up go to a job or grind, pay your bills, spend time with your family and live your life. If we spend more time tending to our own lives, then we wouldn't have to worry about something as insignificant as gay comic book characters.

I'm not even entertaining or even mentioning the Boosie opinion. I'll save Boosie for another gripe. Besides, he has his own legal problems.

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