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Virtual Book Tour: Through Healed Lenses

Author Adrienne Quinn takes you on a therapeutic journey of healing through knowledge of self and our relationships with her book Through Healed Lenses.

"Life is a slideshow full of relationships," a line from her book which gives you glimpse of the book's framework. Quinn talks about how our relationships can shape our own journey whether it be lack there of or positive and negative influences. She talks about how society judges us but we must be the judge of our own character.

"Journaling has saved many of my days and it has given me the gift of mental dumping," said Quinn stating on her own healing which contributed to the book.

She attributed journaling and mental dumping to a huge point of healing. Through these exercises, one can not only get closer to God, getting closer to God means healing. Her book explains how you can heal yourself from past hurt and trauma. Quinn also shows us how we must learn to forgive ourselves and forgive others, "to grow, to measure, and most of all to be grateful".

Quinn recently started reading the journals and prayers she wrote, "It enlightened me on how far I had grown mentally and emotionally."

That strengthened her already strong faith in God. Reading back what she wrote gave her the ability to "reset" and forgive yourself. It give us a chance to grow in life through whatever problems we have.

When she's not writing Adrienne Quinn is a practicing Acute Care Nurse Practitioner in Atlanta. She is also the CEO and founder of Gifting Love LLC. It's an organization that focuses on holistic mentoring and therapy services. She has also been an avid supporter of counseling.

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