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Who Is William Semper? (A William Semper Files Overview/Preview)

I am proud to announce my first Kindle Vella series is now out and the first three parts are free. The story is a teen/young adult spy thriller I'm sure adults would love as well. In this first chapter, 12-year-old William Semper is recruited into a secret government organization after accidentally saving the mayor from an assassin. An assassin the government organization was tracking. Assassinating the new mayor is part of a major terrorist plot meant for the country to take place in St. Louis.

It was a mutual reluctance for William Semper to be recruited. Reluctance on his boss' part (especially due to another plotline involving recruiting of young children as weapons by terrorist groups). Reluctance on the part of members of his team because he is a child among adults whom they feel would slow them down. Finally, reluctance on William Semper himself because he's aware of the danger, just like his team leader is aware. Both have agreed to full training in between each mission but currently, his training must be on the job because saving the mayor's life made William and his loved one's targets. To guarantee his friends and family's safety, he agreed to see the mission through.

During the investigation, Wiliam and his team find a couple of local corporations that have been funding various terrorist groups. The groups have formed an alliance to bring down the United States, one politician at a time. Then, there's a weapon of mass destruction somewhere in there at some point. It's a fun interesting read, I promise.

Who Is William Semper?

Over the next few chapters of the Kindle Vella series, William Semper will be separating his spy life from his school life from his home life. He is a former class clown who woke up one morning and realized why he had no friends nor was he popular among his relatives. Being his parents' only child, they love him and shelter him. Now that he's "come out of his shell" as his mother describes it, he's become a school leader among his friends.

A kid who loves video games, comic books, and cartoons, I wanted William Semper to be a real kid from the hood thrust into this new life. I want to not only show him to be a hero among others, but I also want to be one in this real-world type setting. This also answers a lot of your questions as to what makes him different from other kid spy shows and movies. In between regular missions, he'll be tackling other more real-world issues like human trafficking, child abuse, guns in school, racism, drugs and more. William Semper will be at the forefront of all of these and many of these will be handled based on a few firsthand experiences.

These stories will be mixed with a bit of teenage fun, drama, adventure and more. This story will relate to you on some level. You will see William Semper grow up and go to high school (at some point, not now). I promise you it's a delightful read. I'm also opening the story to your comments, questions, feedback, and suggestions. All will be taken seriously and acknowledged. New episodes will air every Friday. There will also be more new Kindle Vella stories coming soon.

You can check out the first three chapters on Amazon Kindle (

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