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The Political Side I Almost Lost

Since the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the pushing of a Republican Supreme Court Justice, I believed something was taken out of me. Couple that with the fact that I was tired for absolutely nothing entered my mind. We were not only living in the world Donald Trump built, I was surrounded by those who put up with his partisan politics and even liked it. Needless to say, everything stopped.

This will not be a political blog nor will it be a blog endorsing one candidate or another. This blog will be about how I came back to being me (with a little bit of political added). With a journalistic past, I tried to offer the latest news as it came down the wire no matter what side it came from. I wanted to keep real fair and balanced journalism into the fold. I stayed through Biden's win, the Insurrection and then things slowed down. I would hit you every now and again with something but it wasn't the same.

Running a publishing company allowed me to work with my authors but it slowed down my writing in all aspects. Personal and journalistic. I felt I was just "taking a break". You know that thing that couples pretend they're doing before they break up. Yes I was coming back but I do what I used to warn others from doing. I allowed the drama and naysayers around me to slow me down. Then, certain things happened. I got reminded through different events (a couple of which I will put on my book site). The ones I will talk about here are the fact that if those of us who don't believe in real journalism get out here, places like social media will become the basis for real news. Real news are headlines. Real news is on the spot reporting. Real news is promotion. News is not a million talking heads speaking their minds and folks at home believing it.

I will be giving you more blogs, more interviews, more breaking news within the literary industry as well as finally book reviews. The hard core political news and opinions will be back as well. Breaking news will be back as well, There will also be video updates on here and all of my social media which includes TikTok. Stay tuned and as folks say on social media, "prepare to be sick of me.

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