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The Breaking Roe v Wade Story & My Take

Let me start by letting everyone know that I am not pro-abortion nor is a lot of people who are fighting the Supreme Court right now; it goes deeper than that.

For women I've known and those I've interviewed have all said how much of a difficult decision it is. If you're not in folks' heads, it's not right pretending how they're thinking. It's called judging. I never met one woman who used the abortion clinic like it's a routine stop like going to the store. I do know a few TRASH MEN who often make the abortion clinic their first thought when getting their women pregnant just so they don't have either be bonded to the woman or to avoid child support. I've known quite a few men who say a pregnant woman is their problem. The issue is, some of you want to act like the women get pregnant on their own. No, behind every pregnant woman, there's a man. I don't see anyone attacking them for getting women pregnant and walking away because they don't want the responsibility.

Also, we forget about OTHER IMPLICATIONS for abortions. There are medical reasons that include the health of the mother or the child. Many times, there's trouble with the fetus that could do harm to the mother. There are situations where bringing a baby to term could be harmful for the child or both. I have not seen one person address that on social media. Many of you only talk about women who have sex just for the sake of getting abortions.

There's also victims of rape which NO MAN CAN RELATE TO ON THIS PARTICULAR LEVEL. I'm not talking about rape because yes there are male and female victims. I'm only talking about the woman who may end up pregnant from the attack and have to bare their attacker's child. That's hard. Women have to make the decision to bring a child in the world as a reminder of what happened to her.

Yes ADOPTION is an answer but no one wants to talk about the number of children in the system. Whenever it's brought up, it's ignored.

However, my gripe in the video are those who are arguing a point without even looking at the other side. No one's trying to change your mind on anything but some of you don't even know or understand the situation at hand. A great majority of the country isn't pro-abortion. In fact, if you ever paid attention to President Joe Biden when asked on a personal level. He speaks how his Catholic faith frowns upon it but at the same time, can't deny someone else's rights. Just like some of you fought to wear masks even though you could've had Covid, not known it and spread it.

Here's the rest of my grip here and yes I was angry and fired up about it.

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