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Stop Shaming Us Over Our Party: A 2020 Perspective

I don't know what is it about this year but whatever's in the Trump Kool-Aid but we've been shamed for being Democrats, Black Lives Matter Supporters, #MeToo Movement Supporters or just plain Americans especially on the African-American side.

This week Chris Rock made a joke about Democrats being too focused on trying to impeach trump rather deal with Covid-19. For starters, Covid wasn't on anyone's public radar when Democrats went after Trump. Despite Trump being acquitted just like Bill Clinton was, no one holds the Republican responsible. What I mean about that is, Bill Clinton had a chance to get Osama Bin Laden right before he got distracted with the Monica Lewinsky situation. No one is blaming the Republicans for starting 9/11, so Chris do show some accuracy and respect on this one.

I have never even seen our country so divided because Trump is telling the right lies at the right time. Meanwhile the George Floyds and the Breonna Taylors of the world are occurring almost every day with new videos of police violence popping up daily. Meanwhile, we have Covid which is killing people daily and even killed family members and friends close to me. Everyone's ear is on Trump which is understandable because he's the President Of The United States. However, he's not a doctor and he's taking out every piece of help there is. Dr. Fauci, the CDC, World Health Organization.

As I said in a previous article that no party of perfect but I am a proud Democrat. I'm a proud Democrat because my family have been long time Democrats and there are advantages to being one. The biggest one is the economy does better under Democrats. Trump will have you believe he came in and "saved" Obama's economy. Fact is there was nothing wrong with Obama's economy because the job growth was steady since 2010 with no stops. All Trump did was just not mess up Obama's already improving economy.

The other advantages are Democratic presidencies can lead the way for Progressives, Socialists, and Liberal. They all want the same things just different ways of getting there. As I said in the other article, the only way to get one of these Democrats in the White House is to make sure you're doing it under a steady economy. It can be done but again we have to all work together to make sure these changes happen.

However our two biggest problems now are Covid and racism. If we can at least set up a system to make bad police officers accountable for their actions, we can do some things. I'm not for defunding the police because believe it or not, we still need them. I'm actually for firing and prosecuting bad officers who kill people. In fact, I'm all for creating a database similar to teachers who molest students. Let their record follow them which will make it impossible for them to find another job. That in addition to making a zero tolerance policy for this kind of behavior.

Back to why I'm a Democrat and not too happy with Republicans. Yes, yes, I know they freed the slaves and started Reconstruction and we were slowly given the right to vote somewhat. However, we weren't free. We were still on the back of the bus. We still had to be careful in the presence of Caucasian ladies. We still couldn't sit at lunch counters. There were so many things we couldn't do. So yes we were free as long as we stayed in our place. We even could vote but many were intimidated for their votes.

After dogs, water hoses, getting their asses beat, going to jail and more, our parents, grandparents and great grandparents bore witness to the signing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by Lyndon B. Johnson, a Democrat. Republicans were not very happy about that bill and fought it tooth and nail. That's why I'm a Democrat. Now I have no ill will against anyone who's a Black Republican but Black Republicans make it their life's mission to shaming Blacks who want to be Democrats.

I don't shame no one for their party but I'm here to also say Trump's presidency is way beyond Democratic and Republican because he's not even acting through the Republican playbook. I saw Reagan and both Bush's operate and I can name good things in addition to bad things. Either way, they were still presidential. Trump is filled with yes men and hides under the Republican party to further his agenda.

Now with Ruth Bader Ginsberg gone, we are in the fight for our lives. Many things like the Affordable Care Act is in danger. This isn't time for fighting each other. We're in the fight for our lives. You vote however you want to. I'm voting Trump out of the White House.

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