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  • H.D. Campbell

My Word For The Republican Party: Disappointment

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

I am very disappointed in the Republican Party in what not only the Trump Administration have done to America but how it's turned your entire party into a rubber stamp unless something is done.

However, it may already be too late. The last four years of Donald Trump were challenging but 2020 tested us with the pandemic, a rise in police shootings and upfront racism. To make matters worse, the country divided amongst itself. Even the Republican Party divided itself between sensibility and loyalty to Donald Trump. Many have tried not to ride the line but The President left them no choice but to choose a side. November 3rd turned reality on its head.

Between Tuesday and Saturday Joe Biden was declared the winner and eventually won the election with 306 Electoral Votes to Donald Trump's 232 Electoral Votes. Despite Biden's popular vote count being 81,282,376 to Trump's 74,222,576, Trump continues to call the election fraudulent. Through numerous recounts, challenges and court cases Trump still not only refuses to concede, despite losing up to 58 cases (including two Supreme Court losses).

Then he continues to spread false information about the pandemic, his enemies, the campaign and even fellow Republicans who disagree with him. This is the disconnect I can't understand. This is a man who uses lies and deceit to fool his followers who grow daily. My disappointment are the numbers of Republicans who forget their oaths to the American people when they're loyal to Trump.

Not being a huge fan of Ronald Reagan or any of the Bush family but I do say despite their policies, they were still presidential. They didn't divide the country beyond party. Now we have folks who love Trump so much, they don't even acknowledge their predecessors. As a Democrat, I have seen Republicans act with compassion for a brief second. I've seen John McCain and Barack Obama being cordial to each other when they were rivals. I've seen George W. Bush act compassionate to families of soldiers who's died in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Back to the Supreme Court, the Justices denied the second of two Trump requests December 10. The last time, the case was filed by the Texas Attorney General whom himself just happen to be under FBI investigation. The case was also signed by representatives from several other states Trump won in addition to over a hundred Republican House members. The case was denied again. A smaller case in Wisconsin that Saturday, the judge told his attorneys they were bordering on racism. Racism because the votes Trump's disputing come from largely black counties.

Now the 126 Republicans are in danger of being sanctioned. No matter what the Republicans do, Joe Biden & Kamala Harris will be sworn in January 20, 2021. No matter the reasoning Trump trying to prevent that, my fight isn't with him. The Republicans who have congratulated Joe Biden worry about the future of their party. The party turned into a group of yes men. Also, the more Trump disputes the election and no one around to stop him, he's making the case for the Georgia runoff in favor of the Democrats. That would put the Senate at a tie making Kamala Harris the tie breaker and it would mean Mitch McConnell is no longer the Senate Majority Leader. That would put the Democrats at an advantage in both the House and Senate.

A final word to those 126 Republicans. You need to go back and read the Fourteenth Amendment. Then know your days are numbered because this betrayal of the American people and the election process will be remembered when it's time to vote again.

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