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Gripe: L.A. Times Columnist Calls St. Louis A "Dump Of A City" Over West Coast Rams Woes (My Answer)

I want to start this off by congratulating The Los Angeles Rams for securing their spot in this year's Super Bowl matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Los Angeles Times Sports Columnist, Dylan Hernandez wrote some very harsh words about Saint Louis because of a few factors involving the Rams but the main one in particular was about filling the stadium for their matchup with the San Francisco 49ers yesterday.

Mr. Hernadez said and I quote about his gripe about the Rams' reception in L.A., "Something like this is bound to unfold every now and then until there’s a generation of Angelenos that views the Rams as Los Angeles’ team and Los Angeles’ team only, rather than a refugee from a dump of a city in the Midwest,"

This was felt throughout St. Louis from the mayor to Fox 2's Sports Director.

Mayor Tishaura Jones tweeted a copy of Hernandez's article with this response, "There are 790 million reasons why #STL doesn’t care what @latimes sports columnist @dylanohernandez thinks."

Madame Mayor is referring to 790 million dollars the city won from the NFL and Stan Kroeneke last year.

Fox 2's Sports Director Martin Kilcoyne added in his sports segment, "Can only assume the line 'dump of a city in the Midwest' isn’t about St. Louis, but rather used as irony. You know, considering LA has the homeless camps filling up their downtown and the mountains of trash from the trains that are being robbed of packages."

This video has my take on it as a man born and raised here in St. Louis. Leave a message and tell me what you think.

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