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Kirk Franklin & "The Family" Values

When I first heard of the Kirk Franklin situation, I saw the situation as cut and dry as father was chastising son, son felt disrespected and recorded it releasing it to the public. There were many opinions for and against Kirk Franklin but I mostly see Kirk Franklin's fatherhood being questioned.

For those who don't know the story, there was an exchange which is still unclear (but personally none of our business) in which Kirk Franklin called his son the B-word which was followed by him threatening to put his foot up his son's behind. How do we know this much went on? Kerrion, Kirk Franklin's son recorded the exchange and released it to the media. This is what sparked my curiosity so I checked into this myself.

Even though it was a private matter, I was still curious as to what sparked this. Then I thought about it. First I knew there was a problem between father and son which was obvious. Second, there's a breakdown in communication which was also obvious. Third, however, Kerrion was wrong for recording his father which makes him wrong no matter what. Now as an analytical thinker and a fan of deductive reasoning, I'm not making any definite statements but there is a breakdown in communications there.

Whatever the breakdown in communication was Kerrion, a 33 year old MAN was wrong for recording the conversation and releasing it to the public. It's something you never do. It's like a friend I knew who's son called 9-1-1 on her after he got in trouble. What the boy didn't expect was for the police to actually come to the door and arrest his mom. He was quite scared and once it was all resolved, let's just say he'll never do it again. Kerrion doesn't realize that there are repercussions for releasing the audio for whatever the reason was. In the age of social media, it can grow much worse in the form of the world forming their own opinions.

As the son of a strong disciplinarian which I love to this day (may my beautiful mother rest in peace), I have to give this one to Kirk Franklin. Unless, news come out in the next few weeks that Kirk Franklin was some kind of child abusing monster in which I doubt, I say the son was wrong. Despite hearing and reading that Kirk was wrong for cussing out his son, no parent just randomly disrespects and threaten their children unless there is something wrong with them. It's normally a child who takes them there. Now while I was never called the b- word but I was threatened with many of heavy hand and I promise you, that made me a better person today starting with knowing the basics of right and wrong.

One thing I do love out of this despite everyone's opinions against Kirk Franklin is that he has a lot of family support. His current wife, his daughter, and Kerrion's biological mother all have come out in support of Kirk. Kirk's wife went on to also place equal blame into the breakdown of communication which I can agree with that though she still condemns the way Kerrion handled the situation.

Personally, while none of us know what really happened and we never will but for a parent to say that to their 33 year old child, that means the child is in the wrong. People are also looking at the fact that Kirk Franklin is a gospel artists and are condemning his words. One of my biggest pet peeves is that he's judged on that principle. I can understand if you take advantage of the pulpit for your own personal gain, then that's wrong. Jimmy Swaggart and the prostitute for example after personally condemning Televangelist Jim Baker for his improprieties.

People are condemning him for cussing out his son. Soon do we forget that even Jesus Christ lost his temper at least twice. Once when the temple was turned into a gambling den. He turned tables over and made his presence known. Then he cursed a fig tree causing it to whither and die. Not excusing anything Kirk Franklin did but I'm also not condemning him either.

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