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Kanye West, R. Kelly & What's Really Going On (& How Our Mothers Weigh In)

Kanye West went on a rant at a "presidential" rally in Wyoming days after "dropping out" of the presidential race in which he had colorful things to say about Harriet Tubman and his own battle with whether to abort their first child.

Reading the transcripts of the event, Kanye West talked to a crowd about education, race, religion and politics. One of his main talking points was about abortion. He didn't condemn abortion but he did say there's always a choice touting his mother being a single mother with a nonexistent father. During the conversation he mentions how he and his wife Kim Kardashian discussed abortion on their first baby North. That brought tears to his eyes as he spent time talking about the subject of abortion. According to People Magazine and other sources, his personal topic of discussion sparked the ire of his wife who reportedly tried to have him committed.

Then, there was his conversation about Harriet Tubman on the subject of race and slavery. He claims that Harriet Tubman didn't free slaves but instead reallocated them to different slave holders. This sparked a lot of ire among Black Twitter as well as much of the Black Community. This statement resulted in various responses from laughter to feeling sorry for the man and his behavior.

What it also did was sparked conversations about mental health and how to deal with it. This is one of many episodes with Kanye West and whether you support him or not, it's agreed that we should look upon him with a sympathetic mind. This is in the wake of a sudden alleged suicide attempt from Tamar Braxton and Nick Cannon allegedly contemplating suicide after his tumultuous week but what makes their situation different from West's is both Nick and Tamar still have their mothers to help them.

I've been saying this ever since West's mother was murdered in 2007 by Dr. Jan Adams in a botched plastic surgery. My theory is and has always been that when his mother passed away, West has never been the same. Before her death, West was at the top of every chart with hit after hit. Performing, writing and producing put him at the top of his game. He's still at the top of his game today but it's not of the same caliber as when he mom was alive.

Recently speaking from experience, when someone loses their mother, there's a feeling of loss to where you feel like an orphan even if you're an adult. Especially for young men, mothers are their sons' friends. Someone they can lean on in times of trouble. Mothers provide that sense of security. I believe Kanye West lost his sense of security when he lost his mom.

He mentioned his mother several times last Sunday at the rally when he talked about abortion and he sounded very passionate. Again, he mentioned an absentee father who'd rather see him aborted than to have the responsibility of raising a child.

Kanye West isn't the only one I feel has been lost without his mother. R. Kelly is another one I feel would have not have spiraled out of control if his mom was still alive. Throughout Robert Kelly's life, he's had so many struggles with drugs, sexual abuse, homelessness and more we may not know. However, his mother was always there to keep him grounded until she died from cancer in 1993.

According to sources who knew Kelly since high school, he's always had an affection for younger girls. However, my theory is his mom was always there to keep him grounded because he never crossed that line until much later. Without getting into all of the charges, Robert still was able to get married and have children under possibly under his mother's influence. As I said before, losing your mother is difficult and while you never "get over it" as ignorant people will tell you to do, you will move past it but you do need help to do so.

I personally believe that both Kelly and West would have been in much different places emotionally. Not guaranteeing they'll be better but it wouldn't as serious as things are now with West's sanity being questioned by his wife and Kelly in prison awaiting trial for a number of charges.

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