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Kanye West: Our Political Climate Right Now Is No Joke

"We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for president of the United States," with the hastag #2020VISION, Kanye West has once again "shocked America" by this time announcing his bid for president.

West made his announcement late July 4, 2020 and it was a surprise to all who read the Tweet. An even bigger surprise was the announcement that SpaceX CEO Elon Musk will be financing his campaign for president. Our political climate right now can't be any more volatile and it has no room for political ploys right now. This time the ploy could take votes away from your candidate whether that be Donald Trump (R) or Joe Biden (D). So, no matter who you're voting for, Kanye's run now has taken a different turn.

Now before someone says, "You're hating on Kanye," or "What makes you think he won't be a good president," consider this. The presidency is not a prize you win at the end of a contest. It's a job. Let me repeat. It's a JOB! It's a job not too many understand but everyone has an opinion about. It's a job where in order to be successful you need both houses of Congress that is willing to work with you which means both houses have to be of the same party at least. This will at least help you push your agenda and while you still realistically won't get everything you want (without resistance from the other party), you will be able to achieve at least 75-85 percent of your interests. This is what I said during my Obama blog I wrote months earlier.

Love or hate Kanye or whether you take him seriously or not, he does not need to be in the political realm at this time. We are so close to November there is no time for political grandstanding. We're already getting that from our current president. Police shootings, racism blown way out of control, we're still dealing with Covoid-19 and other problems are country is facing, we need a leader who at least cares about what's going on but our problem isn't just Kanye. It's our inability to research what's really going on with our candidates. It's time to turn off CNN, MSNBC and others and read up on your candidates. Turn off the social media headlines (or at least read the articles) and make sure the sites you get it from come from reputable sources.

If you are going to love or hate your candidates, you're going to have to know the candidates. You can't judge them by their past if they've already made up for them nor can you give people passes because they throw a little money in your face.knowing their wrong in in the first place. For example if someone breaks into your house and steals off of your belongings, can they come back a few months later and pay you 20 percent of what they stole from you one time and say they're making up for it? No.

Back to Kanye. Like I said earlier, not knowing Kanye's motives but it could be a ploy to divert and split votes. I spoke to a couple of people who'd rather vote for Kanye rather than Biden. This line of thinking is irresponsible. Kanye can even give a platform but the platform has to be realistically handled. Then we have to vote for the platform to be realistically handled. Now we're distracted. Kanye is taking more than our votes, he's now a distraction from our problems.

Distractions like entertainment (music, movies, etc.) are great but they are temporary. We need to start solving our problems and they're not happening fast enough. We need someone the Congressional Black Caucus (in the House) can work with. We need someone who can solve many of our problems. It's time for a change and it's not Kanye West.

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