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H.D.'s Two Cents: Jennifer McLeggen's Neighbors

Now that you're read the facts in the news section let me give you my two cents. We need to do all we can to prevent Jennifer from being a hashtag. In fact, the title of my news article will be the last time you see me use her hashtag.

Hashtags are used for fallen black men and women in the hands of racists seeking their deaths, mainly police. We need to keep showing a presence for this woman. Her being a single mother with a young baby makes her far from being weak and needy. She bought her Long Island home through her job as a nurse. That makes her a hard working taxpaying American citizen. That's to be respected and not ridiculed.

From the beginning, Jennifer McLeggen has faced harassment from her cowardly, racist neighbors who even refuse to go on camera or even be identified. These folks have dumped, feces and dead squirrels in her back yard, had her ticketed by the neighborhood association and even threatened her harm. She caught the latter on a security camera she put up. With all of this evidence, the police still hasn't moved on the neighbors. Other neighbors have stepped up with their own stories of harassment upon moving in.

This is a case of racist bullying and unless something is done, Jennifer's fears of becoming a hashtag may come true. She's so afraid of becoming one, she left a sign outside her door that pretty much tells people that if she or her child ends up deceased, she did try to seek the help of police. She is afraid that it may take her death for the police to take her seriously.

Many groups have come out in force for McLeggen including other neighbors showing solidarity. Biker groups have come out in force to not just show a presence but to also act as security. We need to learn to protect our own and not wait for something to happen. We rally for the Sarah Blands and the Breonna Taylors but this is a rare chance to prevent a hashtag from being written. I want to do a follow up story about these neighbors getting arrested. This woman needs a stronger force and we have the power to give it to her and her neighbors.

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