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Gripe Relationships Edition: Own Up To The End Of Your Relationships

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Disclaimer: This Blog Entry Excluded Chronic Cheating, Abuse, Or Any Narcissistic Behavior That's Abusive.

The first of many relationship blogs, this first one will be exploring how we both could own up to the end of the relationships. We may get tired of the person but don't forget, the person may be tired of us. Owning up to the mistakes in our previous relationships will help reduce baggage going into our next relationship.

In addition, this isn't a Man or Woman thing. We both make mistakes and we need to own up to them. I'm personally tired of woman talking about "all men" and men talking about "all women" when it's just a handful individuals you're dealing with. Finally, stop turning folks into your ex (the good parts). Everyone is an individual. For more clarity, please hit play.

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