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Coming 2 America Review

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After watching Eddie Murphy play the legendary Dolemite in Dolemite Is My Name last year, it told me that Eddie isn't back; he hasn't gone anywhere but when it was announced that he would do a second Coming To America, I was not only excited about it but when I watched it finally, it didn't disappoint.

First, unlike many sequels (especially after 30 years), a large majority of the original stars were still in the movie minus Eriq LaSalle, Allison Dean, and the late, great actress Madge Sinclair whom got honored throughout the movie. There were many nods to the original such as the barbershop crew played by both Murphy and co-star Arsenio Hall. Then there's their portrayals of the church pastor, singer Randy Watson with his group Sexual Chocolate and then a new role for Arsenio Hall, the witch doctor.

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The movie takes us thirty years later. King Akeem takes the throne soon after this father (James Earl Jones) takes gravely ill. Akeem and his wife (Shari Headley) have three strong daughters in which the oldest one has ambitions to be Queen. Under pressure to not to be assassinated, he nearly takes a devil's bargain to marry his oldest daughter off to the dictator of Nextdoria (yes that's the name of Zamunda's neighboring country) General Izzi (played by Wesley Snipes).

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Without giving up too many spoilers, fate sent him back to America where he finds he does have a son named Lavelle played by Jermaine Fowler after a one night stand with his mom played by Leslie Jones, that sets off movie filled with laughs, nostalgia, and a message or two. There were even a few surprise guest stars in the movie.

My take on the movie is this. Since Dolemite Is My Name, Eddie Murphy has been on the upswing and Coming 2 America proved it. It was an original update using all of the original stars that page homage to the original without taking away from it. The comedy was original and nostalgic. There were times you didn't even have to know about the original to love the sequel. There was even a nod to the "I got some ice cream" gag from his standup Delirious. Wakanda is the place to be but Zamunda is the place to party.

This movie is love story hidden within a comedy hidden within a great story.

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Oscar Winner Ruth E. Carter again gives us great costumes. Her career spans from School Daze, I'm Gonna Git You Sucka, What's Love Got To Do With It and other films in between all the way to her Oscar win for Marvel's Black Panther and beyond, the traditional outfits were amazing. With her own recent star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame, Carter now can add this movie to her long list of achievements.

There has been a lot of pushback to the movie because it's either not what they wanted. I'm not sure if I understand the negativity except for you have the right to like or not like. I personally don't know what those who watched expected from a lighthearted comedy. You have to understand that Eddie is going to have to up the ante on this movie. My full recommendation is if you have Amazon Prime (or can get a friend's Amazon Prime, check this movie out. I promise you'd like it but you don't have to take my word for it.

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