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A Word About Zack Snyder's First Justice League & Our Children

For those blaming Zack Snyder for the first Justice League being the way it is, please don't because it's a decision any of us would have made especially in the interest of our children.

Movies, comic book or otherwise aside, Zack Snyder was put in an obvious situation when he stepped down from the original project. His daughter, Autumn committed suicide at 20 years old. To hear that your child has passed away is hard enough but to hear it was suicide leads you to question yourself and the choices you made as a parent. Before some of you skeptics say "not me", you're lying to yourself because you've never been in that situation.

When the first Justice League was released, my anger was towards Joss Whedon and if you read my blog about Joss Whedon you know why when it comes to the movie. My anger at Joss Whedon also comes on a personal level because you knew what Zack Snyder was going through at the time. A great way to honor him is to do the movie by Zack's vision. This wasn't about competition (because Whedon had directed two Avengers movies at this point for Marvel). Instead you took advantage of a grieving man.

For many of you who think I'm being dramatic, think of it like this. Your family member dies but you need someone to house sit and pay bills while you're gone. That's like me paying on the bills and pocketing the extra money. So now I made a bunch of "payment agreements" where you were 100 percent caught up with the bills and now financially you have to catch up. Depending on your income, that may or may not take a minute.

When a family member dies and a person asks if they could make themselves available to you, that doesn't mean for you to take advantage of them.

The Snyders (because both of the worked on the movie together) worked two more months on the movie before they decided they needed a break. A major death in the family no matter who it is requires a major reset, which includes talking with family, prayers, laughter crying, venting, screaming, reminiscing and whatever else you need to do. You will never "get over things" as some (who will not understand your pain) will tell you to do. As a man who suffered more personal losses than I can count, I can tell you, you will need time away.

To ask for a do-over on a movie is a big ask and it's very rarely been done. This time however was a huge gamble and the gamble paid off. I personally believe this movie is for Autumn. As A fan, I'm taking it as that.

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