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Interview With Sonia Nwajei (Blog Tour w/Paulette Harper)

Sonia Nwajei Motivational Author

Good morning. Your new book 26 Ways to Inspire Yourself which is the latest of three nonfiction titles. Starting at the beginning, what inspired you to start writing and why inspirational self-help?

  • I began writing a daily journal about my life in 2105, and then it occurred to me that I have come along way in terms of personal challenges. So, I decided to write a book in which I can inspire people going through difficulties in life, to persevere, using some of my experiences as a motivation. Hence, I chose the non-fiction/self-help genre to get some positive message out.

What motivated your latest book 26 Ways to Inspire Yourself?

  • I wanted to inspire people using the power of literature. Books and reading are the most effective way to make a change.

Your book is literally an A-Z guide to one’s journey to inspiration. I like that concept. How did you come up with that?

  • Thanks. It was something I thought about just before I began writing. I though the concept would make reading much more fun. Using the alphabet to drive home some serious conversation.

What if I’m having family with my marriage or my children?What advice can you give me?

  • There is always a way to achieve a better outcome, regardless of one’s circumstance. Good communication is one way to begin.

What are some of the other issues your book can help me with?

  • Goal setting. Interpersonal relationship management. Encouragement. Kindness. Self-development and many more.

Again, this is not your first book, briefly tell me about your other two titles.

  • 6 Misconception About Marriage- This book aims to help couples better understand how to build and maintain a happier relationship and marriage.

  • Eleven Crucial Steps for Indie Writers – Aims to help upcoming writers who intend to self-publish, with tips on what to do to ensure success with the books, as well as the pitfalls to avoid.

Switching gears, I hear you are working on your first fiction title.Can you tell us a little about that?

  • Yes, my first fiction is due for release on the 12 of December 2019. Titled Kelvin Dean. This is a character that readers are going to love, because the circumstance that brought the entire book to being is something everyone can relate to. A young man who moved to the city in search of a better life, had his whole world turned upside down, simply because he assisted his cousin during an altercation with two guys on the street. The book will make you question your morals. In a way that, if you knew helping someone would cost you your whole life, would you still help? Also, it highlights how good people with good intention end up getting the worst deals in life.

When you are not writing what do you like to do in your spare time?

  • Reading. I love to read motivational books. I enjoy good music and spend time out at my local park.

Do you have a website or a social media account for your books? Where can we buy your titles?

  • Yes. My publishing website has purchase links to all digital platform-

  • My twitter handle is - @Sonia_N_A

This is where I give you the final word for shout outs or inspiration to other writers or authors.

  • Writing can be grueling, but it’s also rewarding to know you’re making a positive change in someone’s life through your book. So, keep doing what you do, someone out there needs to hear your uplifting voice. And your fiction stories can be a source of great happiness too.

Thank you for stopping through and you have a great day.

  • You’re welcome.

26 Ways To Inspire Yourself - is a powerful self-help book, written with the sole purpose to motivate readers with ideas that'll enable them make positive changes in their lives. The book is packed full of insightful and encouraging messages for those seeking to improve themselves, rebuild their lives and achieve set goals. It's your ultimate self-guide to a Better New You. Get it now.


Chapter 9-Letter I-Inspiration:

Inspiration leads us to a course of action that tends to showcase a different and more creative side of us that people may not have noticed before.

Chapter 10 -Letter J-Jealousy:

Jealousy is an unpleasant feeling of low self-esteem mixed with insatiable desire to acquire the same material possessions as some else.

Chapter 13-Letter M-Mother:

Every child feels safe and happy when their mother is around. Every child craves the affections and support of their mother. Even adults run to their mothers when they experience difficulties in life.

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