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Welcome To The World Of H.D. Campbell Media

Welcome to the world of H.D. Campbell Media.  It's here you get the best of all of what H.D. Campbell Productions have to offer.  Here you will get to read columns from some of your favorite columnists like Sharetha Newsome and Ellen Usher.  This will also be the home of the Author's Corner w/H.D. Campbell and other shows produced under H.D. Campbell Media.  Here will also be the home of news, information, blogs & other forms of print/electronic media.  There will also be news/information shows, I will also air live performances of political events and air special programming such as parades, town hall meetings and documentaries.  Between here and on my YouTube channel (H.D. Television), we will be doing so many things from this camp.

Now, what business do I have running a media company?  I've been writing since I was ten years old publishing my first poem in the now canceled Ebony Jr. Magazine.  From there, I continued to write short stories based on characters, I still use today.  I also developed a love of journalism and set that to be my career goal.  So I went to Forest Park College and studied Mass Communications while freelancing and honing my craft.   In the meantime, I started a small editing service starting with editing school papers for my fellow classmates.  While freelancing and studying Mass Communications, I studied everything I knew on my true passion and that was to write a book one day.  I studied everything on book publishing, how to submit queries, editing and other steps to becoming a published author.  It was in 1999 when my first big break happen.  America Star Books (PublishAmerica at the time) published my first book, a Christian Romance titled "How To Lose A Black Woman".  Since '99, I've published five more titles and is currently working on my seventh one.   In expanding, I write three book series: Romance, Mystery/Murder/Suspense, and Espionage Thrillers which each one will be expanded upon within the next two years and you will see them on the Bestseller List coming soon.

Shortly after publishing my first book, I wanted to open myself up to help other authors get where they need to go.  One thing I stress is, the fact that I had to research heavily on everything that takes to be published.  In the age of Google where you still have to be careful about the information you get, you must still do your research on everything.  Through that, I've started an editing service which expanded upon being an agent, a marketing representative as well as web designer.  I am now a current media representative to authors, musicians, business owners, models and other various individuals seeking assistance.  You can learn more about my services on my sister site at

Then I started a show called The Author's Corner w/H.D. Campbell in which I started interviewing authors, artists & entertainers to give them exposure.  What makes the show unique is that it's a YouTube show which means it's television based.  This will be the first in a series a show I'm producing under the new H.D. Television line.  That led to many things afterwards.  I then started to build a lot of local networks.  In 2016, H.D. Campbell Productions expanded further into publishing with Hard Drive Publishing.  So with publishing, writing, marketing, & media, a simple prayer from God led to me start H.D. Campbell Media.  This gives me, my fans, and my clients the final step in putting all of the business together.  Readers and visitors to the site will get an in-depth look at the news and media as they see it.  You will also know more about us through our columnists and those who contribute to blogs through their own blog pages as well as a newsletter page.  The latest in industry news as well as the news that interest you. We learn the story beyond the story.  In the meantime enjoy the site and if you feel you want to contribute contact me on the contact page.

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