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Where It All Comes Together

Stay Tuned Right Here For Front Page Blog Teasers

H.D. Campbell Media is where you can get the latest in REAL NEWS in all genres behind the headlines.

This is a chance to get the best in news from your neck of the woods put together by you the viewer, my staff, the columnists and the reporters, and most importantly the headline makers themselves.  

What's different is a great majority of the news will be from our communities, our political system, and our culture.  You will see a lot of different shows, documentaries, community specialis


The Latest Columns


We have columns & blogs with you in mind. 

The Author's Corner & Other Shows


The Author's Corner w/H.D. Campbell, my NEW Real News Program & other shows coming up through H.D. Campbell Media & H.D. Television. 

Back To Real Reporting


Real News is back with real reporting.  I'm taking it back to old school where I used to go beyond the headlines and not just tell the story.  You will get a taste of real news.


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