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  • H.D. Campbell

Before Watching or Not Watching The NFL, Consider This....

In just a few hours from now, the National Football League will be airing the first official Sunday games of the season with a few changes.

This time, we're not talking about changes in the rules or teams. That happens all the time. This time I'm talking about viewership and much of that change is in protests of Colin Kapernick's stand against racism and the NFL's dismissal of his stand. For those who don't follow football or just don't keep up with current events, Kapernick refused to stand for the National Anthem in protest of racism in this country. He especially points to the rash of African-American men and women murdered illegally by police just for the police to be acquitted.

His protest was in the name of victims such as Mike Brown, Philando Castille, and Sarah Bland. These names and more should not be forgotten and this is what Kapernick doesn't want us to forget. This writer agrees with his protest but at the same time wants you to look at a few other pros and cons.

First for the pro, let's shy away from the racism protests for a second and look at some of the other problems the NFL has. Over the past 10 years at least, the NFL has been plagued with players who have tested positive for drugs, who beat their wives, who's committed murder, and not to mention Michael Vick whom this writer has supported his return and his career despite his friends protests. The NFL has all but either ignored the issue or skirted the issue by either suspending the player for a few games or having them pay a fine which is not going to put the player into bankruptcy by any means.

We have programs out there condemning domestic violence, drugs, and even animal abuse. Yes the NFL at times demand their players who get in trouble enter these programs but it doesn't blackball them from the NFL like to does Colin Kapernick who's only crime is exercising is Constitutional right not to stand during the National Anthem. This is despite the fact that Kapernick is a great player with a good record.

Now for the Devil's Advocate: There are 32 teams in the National Football League and while there are many players who have done things wrong, there are players out there not only stand with Kapernick but many out there just like the rest of us, is there to work. By not attending games, we affect many of their paychecks. Now before many of you attack me about principle, yes this is a catch-22. While it's okay to boycott the NFL on TV or not attending the games, just think about the players who are trying to feed their kids. It's always not about their salaries versus ours because we chose the jobs/careers we wanted.

Finally for all of you college football Saturday watchers, think about this. These young men are the superstars of tomorrow. A big enough protest could "possibly" affect the draft. Don't forget many of these young men's only chance is the NFL.

Then also we're only talking about players, coaches and referees. How about custodial staff, ticket takers, concession stand employees, maintenance staff, team doctors, and more who's jobs could be affected with a massive enough protest.

While I want to say protest the NFL, I can't tell you what to do. I just wanted to arm you with a few things to think about. The choice is yours.

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