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  • H.D. Campbell

What is Real News vs. Fake News

I'm sure ever since the days of social media, you have been bombarded with a lot of news sites about politics, crime, conspiracies, the Illuminati, celebrities, and more. Many come from reputable news sources and many come from not so reputable sources. The question we ask is, what is real news and what is fake news?

I've often ranted on social media about news story about celebrity deaths for example. Real news come from real news sources like CBS, Reuters, NBC, CNN, UPI, etc. I'm not saying they're 100 percent accurate but real news is as good as real news sources. I grew up in the age of Woodward and Bernstein who took down a president and some of my favorite TV programs were Lou Grant and the black and white Adventures of Superman. That was when journalists wrote things straight and never expressed opinions or added things. Please understand there was a time you could actually get in trouble for writing fake news stories.

Fake news stories come from strange website you've never heard of and often are third party sites. In the days where everyone has a blog or a YouTube account, many are still trying to maintain the integrity of journalism while others use the political system to sway you a particular way. Whether it be Democrat, Republican, or Independent, there are fake news sites to sway your beliefs even if they have lie about a particular candidate. Fake news is simply called Yellow Journalism. The term was coined in the late 1800s with the dawn of American journalism.

However Donald Trump has turned the term "Fake News" on its ear because to him fake news is any negative news he doesn't agree with despite how factual it is. Right now, sites like Facebook are cracking down on fake news sites but there are a lot online. I have this blog, The Author's Corner and is developing a new show but I'm writing as one of the good guys. What's sad is many of the major news networks are taking sides and slanting, along with newspapers. Not sure if fake news is ever going to end but I do know there will be some who like myself will be out there telling the truth through reputable sources.

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