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Welcome To The New H.D. Campbell Productions

In an effort to provide great books, shows, news and client services, H.D. Campbell Productions has yes undergone a huge upgrade in its business model to better service its readers, clients and viewers.

H.D. Campbell Productions started in 2001 began as a service to provide editing/formatting and some promotion services to clients. After publishing my first book How To Lose A Black Woman, I wanted to fulfill a dream to help other writers achieve their goals. Since I started writing at ten years old, I learned a lot about writing, the writing industry and all of the concepts surrounding it. Thanks to teachers, library visits, Writer’s Digest Magazine and other various resources, I learned a lot by the time I published my first book. H.D. Campbell Productions was founded on the principles that no writer should have to work as hard as I did to find out basic information that should be free.

Today and five more published books later, H.D. Campbell Productions has grown and branched into several departments all handling several responsibilities: publishing, editing/formatting, promotion, production and more. H.D. Campbell Productions is not only the glue that holds everything together, it’s where authors can get professional editing/formatting, ghostwriting, promotion and more. We also don’t just represent authors, we can also provide promotion to local businesses, politicians and entertainers. Next is Hard Drive Publishing (founded 2015). I started it for two reasons. One, I’ve always wanted to see other author achieve their dreams without jumping through so many hoops. Also, my publisher went out of business and after getting my rights back to the books which is why you’re seeing reprints of my past books.

Next, you have H.D. Television, my YouTube Channel and production company which airs my show, The Author’s Corner w/H.D. Campbell which has been running since 2008. The Author’s Corner has been interviewing authors, entertainers and more giving them a chance to talk about their craft. H.D. Television is currently developing new shows and looking for people to develop their shows to air on H.D. Television. Among a couple of the shows we’re looking for producing is a vegan cooking show and a Sunday morning virtual church program with a powerful sermon every week.

Finally, you have H.D. Campbell Media which is this newspaper as well as public relations for the company. It’s the platform I use when I promote my authors with a few new changes you’ll see over the next few weeks such as media turnaround. I will be contacting media outlets about your books, your business and more.

Lula Carter CEO/H.D. Campbell Productions

H.D. Campbell Productions isn’t a solo operation. I have two very powerful ladies by my side. Lula Carter is my company CEO, productions manager, voice over artist, and marketing manager. Delon Anoshi Hagood

Queen Anoshi Production/Art Manager

(Queen Anoshi) is my company’s cover artist/art department president, production & marketing manager and voice over artist. Yes my team wear a lot of the same hats and they do it all for the support of the company. Both are successful business owners themselves who take time out to make sure my business is successful. I’ll soon be adding more staff but this here is my administrative team.

While it’s impossible to show you all of the changes here in this article, you’ll see changes throughout starting with my new media page here. The page at will now take you here where you will not just get the latest breaking news and news blogs. You will also get past episodes of the Author’s Corner, special features and more. Stay tuned for more and as always Let Your Writing Fuel Your Spirit.

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