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Seduced By A Billionaire Boss (A Non-Spoiler 3-Way Triangle Love Story Review?)

Author Theresa Hodge starts us off with Chase, the story's love interest and the "Billionaire Boss" with whom our story gets complicated straight off.

We start off with Chase who's tired of his single life and looks to settle down. There are two women vying for his attention: Tianna and Tiffany. This takes one story into three stories. We hear from Chase, Tianna and Tiffany as they each tell their experiences as they navigate throughout the pseudo love triangle within this book. I say pseudo because the triangle is only in one of their minds.

The stories of Tianna and Tiffany take different turns in the seduction of Chase. One has good intentions. The other, not so much. Ms. Hodge takes us on a highly descriptive journey throughout the book. The characterization is so detailed as well as the plot surrounding the characters. The author takes her time allowing us to get to know all of the people in the story and allows us time to get invested into the characters.

There is a villain to the story with no hero and that's okay. As long as there are people doing the right thing despite the villain. I proofread and edited the book and I read it three times not because there was a problem. I truly enjoyed the book and seriously a part of me felt that there was more to the story than the actual story. That was due to the story's villain because despite the outcome, the story even has me invested in her.

Overall I give the book five stars though I say I'm disappointed but in a good way. A good story is over and you want more. Not sure if there will be a sequel or spinoff but there should be. You can purchase her book at Amazon by clicking the book cover at the top of this article.

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