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Roadmap To 2024: H.D. Insider's Guide

Starting this week, the H.D. Insider will be offering breaking news, blogs, interviews and other resources leading up to the 2024 National Election. I will be offering facts on both sides of all races (local, state, & national).

On the H.D. Insider, we will not only provide breaking news, but we will also give you updates on your candidates as well as updates on all levels of government. I will give you my opinion of Joe Biden's record as well as Republican records. Now before you believe this is one-sided just know the H.D. Insider isn't run like Fox News or Newsmax. While this reporter is Democratic, I'm putting out facts about everyone good and bad in order to allow you to make the choice you want to make.

Many of my Weekly Gripes will be political. For those who don't like to talk about politics, I will make everything simple and understandable. We live in a political environment filled with lies, deceit, criminal indictments, and more. This race is one of the most important around with the elimination of Roe vs. Wade, the debate on gun control, the border, and more. There are politicians changing the rules and you will need assistance weaving through the mess. There will also be video updates as well as written ones.

You can catch me on my various media for updates. I'm on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and TikTok. On my new show, The Artists' Corner, I will also interview political figures on the issues as well. I will not be debating theories on who has folks' best interests at heart. I will lay out the facts and let you decide. Yes, there will be both videos, articles, interviews & breaking news.

With each political cycle getting more heated, we're going to have to arm ourselves with as many facts as possible. I will be providing fact sheets/scorecards and yes it will be about both sides. Believe it or not, so will my blogs though I will call it as I see it. Feel free to comment whether it be here or on my social media (just keep it respectable between each other).

I will also be here to answer any questions or concerns, let me know and I will report on it. I will also use a lot of your quotes because I want to hear how we as voters feel about issues. Stay tuned. The political news starts this week.

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