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Remembering A Queen

Last Sunday, I received a call from Author C. Luv (Charmaine Singleton Moon) who informed me about Delon's (her cousin) passing which is still sending shockwaves throughout the literary world even as I write this article now.

The phone call took me by surprise because when Mrs. Moon told me that it was Covid-19, I was upset and angry at the same time. However, we weren't upset for the loss of our talented cover artist. A daughter lost a mother, a brother lost her sister, a mother lost a daughter, a cousin lost, a best friend lost. This was one of those close to home deaths that affects everyone. When you were a good person like Delon, you're going to make a lot of friends who are going to miss you.

She was someone whom would take time out for you even when she didn't have a lot of time and I mean literally. I remember I needed a cover fixed and she was in the middle of two clients. I wasn't stressing because when Delon gets me her covers they are always worth the wait. It was on a Sunday so I was expecting her to get back to me maybe late Monday or Tuesday. I received an inbox that same Sunday afternoon with a full cover. She was always the professional and In a couple of weeks you will see when I air past episodes of The Author's Corner w/H.D. Campbell featuring Delon.

Delon was a devoted mother as well. She always boasted and bragged on her daughter Majesti especially in the days leading up to college. Delon was proud to help move her daughter in and prepare her for the next step in her development. Delon showed great pride in Majesti and it shows. I watched their relationship on Facebook and that mother-daughter bond was unbreakable as it should. Delon gives us an example of the relationship we all should be having with our children.

Speaking of relationships, Delon was very big on family. In addition to her children, you did not want to get in the way of her other family relationships as well. She loved them hard and she would protect her family until her last breath. One line any of her clients including us as Hard Drive Publishing didn't want to cross was her time with family. When you did, she will let you know. There's work time, there's rest time and there's family time. If you didn't understand that, then you weren't a friend to begin with and she would definitely tell you.

Queen Anoshi as she's professionally called wore many hats. She was an author, a graphic designer, a Reiki Practitioner (spiritual healer) and Doctor of Metaphysics. In addition she was the exclusive cover artist for Hard Drive Publishing in which she did some amazing covers for us.

These are just a few of the book covers she's done for both Hard Drive Publishing and others. There's just one book cover that's not on here....

This book will be soon published under Hard Drive Publishing. It is the last book written by Queen Anoshi and this time co-written by Author C. Luv. One of the last things she asked was that 100 percent of the proceeds of this book go to the people of Haiti. When we publish this book, we will contact the family about those arrangements.

Queen Anoshi left behind a power legacy in literature, her work to help those with PTSD, her career, her family and her life. Stay tuned starting October 4th where The Author's Corner will do a special episode dedicated to Queen Anoshi in which we will air her classic interviews and will be publishing her book that week as well.

Hard Drive CEO Lula Carter calls her irreplaceable. "When it came to creativity, she was at the top of her game."

Delon was a master of many talents that will live on in her children and all those she touched. Thank you for being a part of our lives Delon and we love you as finally receive your rest. To send well wishes, go to her Facebook page and leave a message on her wall.

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