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Mayoral Protest & Legal Representatives With Guns

Sunday, June 28, protesters went out in full force to protest Mayor Lyda Krewson in front of her house to protest reading of the names of those protesters who wanted to defund the police.

In the early evening, crowds started to gather around the Central West End neighborhood home of Mayor Lyda Krewson. The crowds gathered in an effort for her to resign her post after reading names and addresses last week of those who wanted police reform. Since the death of George Floyd, protesters have been taking to the streets daily looking for justice and that includes police reform.

She read the names and addresses on Facebook Live Friday June 26 immediately sparking criticism and calls for her to resign. The calls for Mayor Krewson to resign was loud and boisterous. With her lack of action on the city's rising crime rate and remaining silent on police reform, the crowd had fuel for their anger at the St. Louis city mayor. The protesters remained out late into the night with police surrounding the area.

Mayor Krewson offered an apology in a tweet but not only was the tweet not believed, it was too little too late because the crowd were already calling for her resignation.

In a related note Lyda's neighbors, personal injury attorneys Mark and Patricia McCloskey walked out brandishing weapons and yelling at the cloud to disperse. Mark McCloskey carried a rifle while his wife Patricia carried a small handgun. The two brandished their weapons protecting their property from possible "looters" in which there has been no looting since June 2 when Retired Officer David Dorn was murdered defending Lee's Pawn & Jewelry.

An investigation is now underway for the couple. Kim Gardner, the St. Louis Circuit Attorney is deciding whether the two broke the law Sunday night since the protest was nonviolent. The couple was seen in multiple cellphone and TV camera videos. The two went viral almost immediately. The couple soon became national news on CNN, TMZ as well as the subject of many memes.

This is a developing story. Stand by for breaking news.

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