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Many St. Louis Schools Unveil Their Reopening Plans

This week St. Louis City and County School Districts have unveiled their reopening plans. To protect students from Covoid-19 and still provide adequate education, many school districts have given options to parents and students for the 2020-2021 school year.

St. Louis Public School is offering a full in person school and two virtual options whch can be found on their website at:

1) in-class room instruction at a bricks and mortar school site;

2) virtual instruction via Microsoft Teams/Zoom type video instruction utilizing District teachers and curriculum, and;

3) self-contained, self-driven virtual instruction via the District’s third-party website based online instruction service, Edmentum.

Kipp St. Louis also has a few options like St. Louis Public Schools except theirs are slightly different. You can learn more about the reopening at


1) Pre-K through first grade & some select Special Education Student: All students will be attending in person classes.

2) 2nd-12th Graders (Option #1): In person two days a week. Group A will go to school Monday & Tuesday and provide virtual learning Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. Group B will do online learning Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday with in school learning Thursday & Friday. The groups will be based on the student's last name.

3) 2nd-12th Graders (Option #2): 100 percent virtual.

Pre-K through 1st Grade will receive IPads while 2nd-12th graders will receive Chromebooks.

This Tuesday, Hazelwood School District just voted to go to phase two of its contingency plan to go 100 percent virtual. You can find out more at

The Clayton School District has a wider selection choice for its students. You can look at these choices further by logging onto their website at

The Return to Learn program has two different options which makes learning easier for everyone.

1) Responsive Learning: This is a learning tool in three phases: Hybrid, In-Person & Remote. All is this is based on the need and the welfare of the student.

2) Learning at Home: Students will have the option of learning completely at home.

The Pattonville school voted on three possible phases for their school district but decided on only one for now. You can learn more at:

  • The in-person learning option for grades K-12 has three phases: 

    • Phase 1:  Students attending school five days a week; 

    • Phase 2:  A blended model designed for students to attend in-person learning two days a week and receive virtual instruction one day a week, thereby reducing the number of students in school by approximately half each day; and 

    • Phase 3: 100% virtual learning for all students.

So far, the school board voted on phase two and will be the plan unless things change.

The Ferguson Florissant School District just voted Thursday night to go 100 percent virtual until October 21st where the school board will revisit the plan. You can learn more by logging onto their website at

The parkway has provided two options for their upcoming 2020-2021 school year. Option one is a blended option where the student possibly goes to school two days a week. Option two is 100 percent virtual.

We will update you as more information comes available.

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