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Let's Catch Up With Author Luna Felicia

1) It’s been a minute since we spoke on The Author’s Corner. How have you been & what have you been up to writing wise?

Thanks for taking the time to sit with me again. As far as writing, I started writing a follow-up spin off on a character from Jacob. I was 40+ pages in and took a break for about a week. When I went to retrieve it; it was no where to be found. I went as far as taking it to the Best Buy geeks squad and…nothing. I felt pretty good about what I’d written and I cannot recreate it. I became sad, angry and disappointed. I stopped doing anything and just recently changed the cover of JACOB and resumed promoting it on Facebook and Instagram.

2) Tell us about your book series.

It’s inbedded in dysfunction and deception. I share my views of a dysfunctional family and the lies they sometimes tell to their children along with the secrets the elders often take to the grave.

3) Let’s go back a minute. Let’s talk about what first inspired your writing and how did that lead you into publishing your first book?

I started writing around age 13. I moved to The Bronx, NYC from Panamá City, central America. I was so excited for this move, however, once I arrived I wanted nothing more than to return to Panamá. A Panamanian 12 year old was the equivalent of a New York 6 year old. I didn’t fit. I was angry and frustrated all the time. I barely went outside. I started drawing and painting then I started writing poems about how I felt; it helped. In my mid twenties I was asked to take part in a Black History program in my apartment building and I wrote my first skit; Muhammad Ali. The neighborhood children loved it and asked me “when are you writing the next one?” There was never a plan for another. But their question sparked something and I went on to write several plays.

As I was writing one if those plays it took its own direction, I kept saying, this is not for children but I couldn’t stop writing. That was CLOVIA. I lost that disc and story after some time because though my friends enjoyed it, I didn’t know how to get it published. Years later I wrote MARISA, years after that, JACOB.

4) How long have you been writing?

Since the age of thirteen.

5) What’s your writing process?

I am a day dreamer and people watcher. I look at people and I make up stories. I have long dialogues in my head. I’m entertained by them. The ones that keep going in my head, I eventually start to write down. Needless to say I have many fragmented stories on my computer.

6) Who were some of your writing influences in the beginning and have any of them changed now you’re a published author?

I am influenced by my surroundings, my experiences, my views on topics and the people I watch.

7) What specifically has changed for you since becoming a published author?

The one thing that has changed is I have a sense of accomplishment. Taking a blank piece of paper and filling it with words is a work of art. Binding those loose papers together, designing a cover and looking at the finished product gives me a sense of joy, fulfillment and accomplishment. I’ve done one more good thing with my life.

8) What do you know now as an author you didn’t know in the beginning?

It’s not easy getting your book the attention it needs to be seen and sold.

9) When you’re not writing or promoting your work, what do you like to do?

I love to travel. It expands the mind and the imagination. I have been as far as Egypt and Hawaii. Now that I’m retired, the money for traveling is no longer here so I love dancing, singing karaoke, taking pictures and spending time with family and friends.

10) What are still some of your writing goals?

I keep hearing I have five books to write. Who am I hearing that from? Myself. I have many conversations with myself. I’ve already done two and I’m trusting to have the courage to let the last one be MY story.

11) Any new projects coming up?

My focus now is to find the best way to promote JACOB, revisit MARISA with some tweeks and start book 3 when I hear the words.

12) Where can we find you as well as buy your book?

I can be found on Facebook as Luna Felicia, on Instagram as lunafeliciawrites and the books are available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle format.

13) Any words of wisdom for the new, upcoming authors out there?

You’ve got to LOVE writing and storytelling because it’s not easy getting to your audience. Others starting out are hungry too; everyone wants to eat. Everyone has a gimmick and want to reach their own goals.

If you love it, you were going to write and tell stories regardless.

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