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Hard Drive Publishing's New Publishing Dates

It's is a great time here at H.D. Campbell Media & Hard Drive Publishing. We are happy to announce the publication dates of many of our authors coming up with promotion starting this Monday for our Hard Drive Authors.

Author Eddy'D, our youngest author at 9 years old will be publishing her first book The Awesome Times. It's an amazing narrative told from the perspective of a school newspaper. It's an awesome read with sequels to come. Watch out for her book releasing August 4th.

Actress, Mom, and now Author Amy D. Bevly has a new workbook entitled Love Letters coming out that will help strengthen your marriage if she can help it. You will learn more about her title and her book in the coming weeks before its release date August 27th.

One of our many talented poets Red Dragon has a book now we're currently putting together for her. With a new website coming next week to help promote her, Red Dragon's new book will be releasing November 3rd.

Stand by for reprints of my Sergeant Wiseguy Chronicles series. My first two books (The Sergeant Wiseguy Chronicles; The War-Hawk: A Sergeant Wiseguy Chronicle) will be reprinted with an all new third book featuring the character. The first reprint will be available August 21st.

For more information, log on to or you can contact me via my H.D. Campbell Productions page on Facebook.

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