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Breaking Down To Breakthroughs With Lashanna T. Stewart

"I felt like my story needed to be told," Lashanna T. Stewart said as we celebrate the successful launch of her book Transitioning From Breakdowns To Breakthroughs.

After her Author's Corner interview we sat down with Ms. Stewart again and wanted to know a little more about her book and how it changed her. She talks about how being a motherless child who was always bullied was the catalyst for this book. In her book Transitioning From Breakdowns To Breakthroughs, Ms. Stewart talks about not only how she overcame her obstacles but also offers tools for others dealing with similar or different obstacles.

During her transition, she obtained A Bachelor's Degree in Education and a Master's Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources Management. With that, in addition to teaching she also founded Ladii Elyte Shop & Management.

"My business Ladii Elyte Shop was designed with self-love and self-trending in mind. I want people to set trends with their own beauty within themselves and understand that beauty is so much deeper than what we see on the outside. I provide small talks with my audience even when I go live [on social media] just to give people a positive outlook on life."

In addition to her business. She gives back by offering educational help to individuals who may need a high school diploma with study assistance. She's also offered mentorship and a smart prayer circle.

Ms. Stewart's children who have always been proud of her now have a new reason to be prouder.

"My children are happy for me. They have embraced the life we have now and accept my motive for writing my book. They're just happy I overcame so much."

In addition to her children's praise, Ms. Stewart feels she has achieved other accomplishments.

"My biggest accomplishments would be my faith, persistence and the truth I have to myself," she said and when asked if there were any regrets, Ms. Steward had none.

When asked about how her readers have received her, she said, "I've received a lot of positive feedback but mostly lots of tears."

Many of those "tears" were from people who have experienced hurt in some way that found some comfort from her book. To further help others, Ms. Stewart is currently preparing a press conference of empowerment. She also plans on bringing mental health awareness to African-American communities to "enrich the understanding of how mental health impacts our society".

When she isn't writing, Ms. Stewart loves reading her Bible but also enjoys spending time with her children. She loves being a parent. Her children are her biggest fans and vice versa. In her recent Author's Corner interview, she talks about how one of her sons calls his friend boasting on his mother's success. She also continued on by explaining how she's going to take each of her children's Success for her is indeed a family affair.

Ms. Stewart leaves these words of wisdom for her readers:

  • · Be Yourself

  • · Pray

  • · Treat others according to how God wielded.

  • · Break generational curses that may affect how your offspring perceive life.

  • · Be the best you!

"I provide mentoring, referral services, grant writing, business plans, assist with any documents and/or help with understand documentation."

Ms. Stewart is currently writing two more books and by requesting her on social media or by email, you will get the latest from her.

You can get to know Lashanna T. Stewart by visiting her social media pages or emailing her:

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