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2022 Is A Game Changing Year For H.D. Campbell Productions & Beyond

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

In 2021 H.D. Campbell Productions brought you new books, big shows, and plenty of surprises. In 2022, there will be more surprises coming up but I can talk about a few things.

Currently working on more original programming in addition to the Author's Corner. One of which is a local spotlight where we will be visiting local (St. Louis) businesses and interviewing the staff. We have many entrepreneur friends and I will be asking them about their start. In addition, we will be branching out to local businesses in other towns as well.

Also, I will doing special Author's Corner Episodes in which, I will be doing more special shows in which I'll be talking to spoken word artists, more controversial authors, publishers, and more. For years, you've been getting to know authors. Now here's a chance to get to know more people from the industry.

Speaking of The Author's Corner, it will be brand new (premiering late February) with a new format, new open & more. Still same interviews with a few above changes. With the success of the Christmas Tyme live interview this past December, we will also flirt with more live shows. Stay tuned for more news on new shows and special shows. You can also watch past shows here at on the media page.

The My Two Cents segment has expanded into preproduced packages about writing, editing, publishing, promotion and more. There will also be special ones like in February where I will be spotlighting some of my favorite African-American authors. The segments will not be on YouTube just yet but I will share them throughout the following week after air.

This will be a big year for publishing. I already have three new authors (with a fourth one who just expressed interest) coming soon and two current authors about to release new projects. The publishing side took a back seat with the loss of our friend and cover artist, Delon Anoshi Hagood. It took a few months to first be able to move past her loss before we found our new cover artist.

We've hired Author, Cover Artist, Editor & more Author Navi Robins to do our covers and he's already starting on his first author already. This brother is truly a professional who says, "if you're not busy you're broke". That's is something I've personally taken to heart when he said it. I can't wait for you to see this man's work on shelves. Stay tuned for more news and an Author's Corner interview soon.

One other thing that suffered last year were books from myself. I have several books I personally will be putting out this year, especially with a new talented cover artist on the payroll. I am currently back to writing, editing and formatting my own projects. I will be announcing when my project will be released. Now know, this will be in between my other talented authors (new and current).

This is also the year, you will be getting short stories from me in Kindle Vella. Many will be original stories while others will be short mystery/espionage thrillers that will tie into my novels. This year also there will be more original novels from me as well as wrapping up my reprints between now and 2023.

Katara Johnson

Katara Johnson will soon release a 30-Day Devotional Through Hard Drive Publishing. She is a talented author, editor, and promoter of others books. I will be looking forward to her books. The Devotional is filled with life lessons and Scriptures.


This brother here has a collection of some of the most prolific poetry I've ever read. That is no exaggeration. As much as I would love to post a poem or two, I'd rather to surprise, you when his book is released. The poetry is so hot I can see this book taking off i

Tee Williams

This young woman has been through a journey and is current writing a book to share her journey. You can check out her interview soon on back episodes of the Author's Corner on this page in coming days. In the two-part interview, she shares some of her story with us.

There will also be new follow ups from our current Authors C. Luv and Elliot Howard coming this year. Hard Drive's schedule will be full this year. Finally, you will see more timely promos from our authors (both current & new). So, stay tuned for that as well.

In addition to the My Weekly Gripe segments right here, there will be more breaking news, more timely articles and more promo. That includes even bigger blogs. You will see a lot of promo coming from this side of the business. I will be doing more interviews on a wide range of topics as well as create a presence all over social media, bringing traffic here. I will be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and TikTok. All of which will help drive traffic here.

I will also be doing more movie/book reviews but heavier on the book reviews. I will be promoting my fellow authors more by reviewing their books. I will also be reviewing movies and television shows relevant to popularity. I will also take requests on books (and other media) you want reviewed.

Services haven't changed. With more clientele, I will be offering better services with no change in pricing and shorter turnarounds. I want to give a shout out to my business partner Lula Carter & our new cover artist Navi Robins.

H.D. Campbell Production is ready for business!

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