H.D. Campbell Biogaphy

H.D. Campbell has over thirty years of writing experience with credits in freelance newspaper reporting, personal fiction and poetry.  Starting his career in St. Louis, H.D. Campbell’s first published his first piece at ten years old with a poem published in Ebony Jr. Magazine. That continued with writing personal fiction writing every chance he got.  By the time he finished high school, H.D. Campbell had notebooks full of stories he was ready to publish.  In college, he co-founded The St. Louis Creative Black Writer’s Guild with magazine publisher LaShaunda Hoffman and her mother.  The group which lasted five years was an organization where writers networked and inspired each other through guest speakers, trips to various bookstores and various critique sessions. During and after college, he wrote freelance for various newspapers and publications.   

H.D. Campbell has currently seven books published.  They are: How to Lose a Black Woman (2000; Romance); Late Murder @10 (2005; Mystery/Suspense); Sergeant Wiseguy Chronicles (2010; Espionage Thriller); The War- Hawk Biological Threat (2012; Espionage Thriller); Geraldine (2013; Romance); and Garth: the Virtual Killer (2013; Mystery/Suspense) & Murder By Execution (2016; Mystery/Suspense). 

H.D. Campbell is also a freelance writer and professional editor.   In addition he does book trailers, press kits, promotion, and other services geared towards assisting other writers and authors get their work edited and promoted.

The H.D. Campbell website (www.hdcampbell3.com) markets his books, services, and provides the latest in writing news and interviews with people in and around the industry.  In addition, H.D. Campbell also produces an Internet show on YouTube (username: H.D. Television) called The Author’s Corner.  The show is filled with news, interviews and inspiration for authors and aspiring writers.  The show debuted August 4, 2009 and has expanded from a once a month series into a weekly series. 

“I believe life is too short for competition.  I do the show and the business not only to help benefit me but I also do it to introduce other authors.  There’s enough room at the top of the Best Seller list for everyone.”