H.D. Campbell Productions Service Marketplace

Editing Services/Promotion/Websites & More

(Payment Plans Available Ask About Invoicing)

Editing Services (Line Editing/Formatting) $300 Dollars

Promotion Services (Web/Street Promotion; Website w/Domain Name & More) $100 Dollars Down ($30 Dollars A Month)*

Ghostwriting Services (Interviewing; Editing; Formatting; Publishing (If Applicable) $150 To Start & $150 At End Of The Project

Website Editing/Hosting (Website Creation; Hosting)  $150 To Start ($30 Dollars A Month For Editing If Contracted)


Edit Existing Project $100 ($30 Dollars A Month For Editing If Contracted)  

*Contracts must be either six month or a year only to be renewable or terminated at the end of the term but once signed, the terms must be obligated.

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